Why Hire a Wedding Planner for a Tropical Destination Wedding?

Are you Dreaming of a Tropical Beach Wedding for 2022 on a Beautiful Island, somewhere Hot?

Planning a Wedding in your home town or country can be daunting enough, add in a tropical island such as Jamaica or any other stunning tropical destination and it could be a whole different ball game. There are a number of advantages to hiring a Wedding Planner for your Destination Wedding.

Weddings take hours to organise and can often prove extremely stressful, time consuming and and entail a fair bit to worry about. Who needs that right? Having a Wedding Planner, especially for a Destination Wedding, can relieve all the stress and worry, save you precious time and money whilst making all of the important decisions to deliver the day of your dreams! Perhaps you’re not the best organiser, or you just really, really hate admin, or maybe just a little bit worried you won’t be able to achieve the day you imagine. Or are you time sensitive with a lot of commitments already? That’s where a Planner can really help. 

 A Wedding abroad also encompasses its own challenges, there are more often than not, additional considerations such as local laws and legalities to think about, including any licenses or visas needed, different countries have differing regulations and traditions and this can often involve a lot of paperwork, so definitely needs to be thought about! It’s also worth noting that depending where you go service standards abroad can really differ to what you might be expecting. It’s important to have experience and  knowledge of the area to execute your perfect day and whilst doing your research can really assist, having a Wedding Planner that really knows their areas extensively and has spent time selecting the best places and suppliers brings huge benefit.

If you are thinking of having a tropical or beach style wedding on a stunning island far away from home here are my Top 10 reasons why you should consider hiring a Wedding Planner:

1.  We can relieve the stress and worry from planning one of the most, if not the most important days of your life.

2.  We can save you precious time, whilst we take care of all of the details and organisation, you can spend your time doing the fun things such as choosing the colours and the beautiful flowers or cake and menu tastings.

3. We will look after all of the administration and logistics, for destination weddings this can really help with contracts and legalities. Assistance with travel and accommodation for guests also helps.

4. We can help make savings from that all important budget. With our excellent negotiation skills and experience of the best suppliers we can always get the best quality of service for the best value.

5. Through excellent organisation and attention to detail, you can be secure in the knowledge your perfect day will run smoothly and every last detail will be considered.

6. Since Covid 19 hit, we have seen small and intimate or “micro weddings” really emerge. With this in mind 2022 will be popular for small destination weddings abroad. A planner will be able to advise on everything you need to know post Covid 19.

7. Certainly in my case as a wedding planner, not only do I have years of experience in the events industry, along with a first class degree in event management, I am also vetted by the UKAWP. One of the UK’s leading and trusted bodies promoting some of the industries finest wedding professionals. So you can rest assured you are fully supported and in very safe hands, throughout your wedding planning journey

8. Having travelled all over the world, extensively throughout Jamaica,  if this is your chosen destination for example, I can certainly offer knowledge of some of the best areas, locations and recommended suppliers, to pull off a beautiful intimate occasion anywhere on this island or any other paradise destination of your dreams.

 9.  Perhaps you literally don’t have a clue what you want and the whole thought of it makes you sweat, we can provide inspirational ideas and examples of all kinds of weddings, both here and abroad. You don’t always have to go for a full planning package, which is a big commitment, you can just start with initial conception planning, Design and Styling advice and suggestions.

10. Above all, through our knowledge and experience of both planning weddings and events and the destinations we cover, we can help you to achieve your dream day and execute your vision exactly as you wished for.